What will be the future of Trollo?

To start with, some Trollo story that will help you understand why I made this decision.
I started the Trollo blog on the blogger in August 2016. Initially, I shared the epubes of the series that I made for myself because nobody else made them, over time there were more and more series that I didn’t even read and at the end there were about 400 series that I updated.
The DMCA applications appeared quite quickly and they made me initially move the licensed series to Kaizoku Doumei. Unfortunately, DMCAs still appeared and what is worse, in some cases they seemed random, for example, single posts were reported while pages with the series to which links led were not reported.
The problem with these submissions was that if they appeared too often I was in danger of losing my google account, so at the beginning of 2019 I moved to wordpress.

Since that moment, I have not received a single DMCA application, which has dormanted my vigilance and as a result I have not even made a copy of the blog.
And so we found ourselves last Monday when suddenly without warning the blog was deleted and I was left without any explanation, only with generic information and no working backup (theoretically it was supposed to work, but in practice the page to which the link leads does not exist).
After the fact, one may consider that I should expect it, taking into account the regular appearance of DMCA on the blogger and their sudden disappearance on wordpress. Taking into account the number of series I have updated, it was practically certain that there will be dissatisfied people, be it translation groups (as far as I know, at least one report on the blogger was from the translation group’s side), publishers or simply wrong bots’ reports.

I am afraid that the existence of Trollo in its previous form has no future and the blog as it was will not be reactivated.

So what is the future of Trollo?
It will run in two ways. I will post new series on the blog for a short period of time and then they will be removed from it (where it will be located I have not decided yet) and on the other hand there will be Patreon where patrons will have access to all series made by Trollo, and to their ongoing updates. I limit access to archived files for patrons because free access to them would lead to new DMCAs, and I would like to avoid this.

Greetings to all Trollo supporters and be healthy in these difficult times.

2 thoughts on “What will be the future of Trollo?

  1. As someone that’s been following your blog since the beginning it saddens me to see it all end so abruptly.
    Thanks for all the work you’ve done. I hope that your blogspot site doesn’t get a DCMA strike


  2. Umm…how about torre–? Well peer and seed is a must tho


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